Chelmsford County Highschool for Girls

We are a selective girls’ grammar school in Chelmsford, Essex, a town with easy access to London. The girls are aged 11 to 18 (years 7-13). All girls learn German in years 7 to 9 and then can choose whether to continue with German in years 10-13, about 70 girls each year choose to continue in years 10 and 11 and then about 15 each year take A Level German in years 12 and 13. The girls are highly able and every year we have pupils who go on to study German at university.

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General Info

This is an unpaid placement. We would ideally like someone who is available from January to March at minimum. However, we are happy to consider applications outside of these months, except for July and August. 


The main duties will be to work with girls in years 10 to 13 providing them with regular spoken German practice, and to support the teachers in preparing the pupils for their final examinations (GCSE and A Level), this could be in small groups or individually. You will need a good knowledge of current affairs in Germany and be prepared to research topics, find your own materials to use with the pupils and prepare lessons independently. You could also be asked to support the German teachers in topic research and marking. You may also work with the teacher in lessons with years 7 to 9 either with the teacher in the classrooms or to give extra support to small groups.

Application Requirements

Apply with a CV and letter of motivation in English (both in PDF format by email) to: Susan Gilbert

Your letter of motivation should include what you expect of your time at Chelmsford County Highschool for Girls and, importantly, what skills or interests you have that you can contribute to the school. These do not have to be related to your position as a German Language Assistant.

The school will need to undertake a Criminal Records Bureau check (now Disclosure and Barring Service check). The DBS check must be completed in order to allow you to work with school children and requires a passport:


There is no participation fee. You may apply for Erasmus+ grants for student internships abroad, please see Eva Vosshagen in the International Office for further information.

Living costs in the area are estimated at €400 - 500 per month.


The school is unable to provide accommodation. The following websites may be useful in your search:


Susan Gilbert


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