PhD. University of Ibadan, Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, 2017

M.A. University of Ibadan, (PhD Grade B+) Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics, 2012

B.A. University of Ado-Ekiti, (Second Class Honours, Upper Division) Sociolinguistics, 2008

Professional Appointments

2019-date       Lecturer, Department of English and Literary Studies Federal University Lokoja, Kogi State

2017-2019      Lecturer, Department of English, Elizade University, IlaraMokin, Ondo State

2017-2019      Examination Officer, Department of English, Elizade University                      

2016-2017      Teaching and Research Assistant, Postgraduate School/ Department of English, University of Ibadan, Oyo State


From the past five years:

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  •  Ekiti State Government Scholarship Award 2008 for best performing undergraduates
  •  Ekiti State Government Scholarship Award 2013 for outstanding Postgraduates
  •  Prestigious University of Ibadan Postgraduate School, Scholar 2016-2017
  •  British Writing Training Award on Childhood Studies, (6 months), by British Council, at University of Ghana, Legon, 2019
  •  Alexander von Humboldt George Forster Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany 2021-2023