Artifical Intelligence and Explainability

The research group on Artificial Intelligence and Explainability focuses on hybrid AI methods to make machines understand human-created data. That is, we combine modern, sub-symbolic machine learning approaches with symbolic knowledge engineering based on Knowledge Graphs to develop transparent AI systems. We focus on Knowledge Extraction, Speech Assistants, Question Answering, AI ethics, and more. We are looking forward to talking to you about the possibilities and challenges in AI!


Head of the Department

  • Prof. Dr. Ricardo Usbeck

Office Management

  • Sabrina Bergmann
  • Madlen Schmaltz

Academic Advisor

  • Debayan Banerjee, M.Sc.

PhD Students

  • Angelie Kraft
  • Tilahun Abedissa Taffa, M.Sc.
  • Aida Usmanova, M.Sc.

External PhD Students (University Hamburg)

Junbo Huang
Longquan Jiang
Cedric Möller
Shaista Shabbir
Najeeb Shams
Elena Williams
Xi Yan

Researchers (HITeC e.V.)

Rana Abdullah
Jan Reineke
Patrick Westphal

Student Assistants

Hannah Ossadnik

Philipp Heider (University Hamburg)

Lars Michaelis (HITeC e.V.)
David Rath (HITeC e.V.)
Rudy Alexandro Garrido Veliz (HITeC e.V.)