Which topics and practices receive how much space at this university?

Who decides how we talk (to each other) in class?

Who dares to speak?

Who is ashamed?

Who remains silent?

Who feels (un)comfortable?

Who stays?

And why?

For the time being, we ask ourselves what the Lab can be and what it has been until now. Can the lab be a space where we ask these questions together? What questions do you have, what questions can be dismissed, reworked, noted anew? How can we phrase and attend to questions, meaning: under which conditions do they occur? What does it need for us to feel that our quotidian experiences are of value here? How can the ordinary/common receive acknowledgement the same way knowledge or theory does? How can these everyday forms of knowledge and practices maintain their autonomy without being exploited for academic surplus value?

What matters to us:
“We are committed to the idea that study is what you do with other people. It’s talking
and walking around with other people, working, dancing, suffering [...].” - Fred Moten

We need you. Since it is more joyous together. Since we are curious about your perspectives, questions, and suggestions. To get active.

For starters, we want to meet once a month for a LabDinner - a collective plenum - to eat, speak, listen to music and move together. The plenum is the space where we can plan and overthrow the program, where we hang out and start the process. However, all of that can and will most likely look quite different in the end. If we gained one insight throughout the years, then this one: we do not know what the lab will be precisely.

Right now we are planning the events for the winter term 2022/23. There is no plan yet, what excites you? What do you need? What do you (not) want? Come and plan with us!

If that sounds good to you, text us at and engage as much as you have the time, energy and joy to do so. We are excited for your ideas, impulses and most certainly for you!

Upcoming events:

June 22nd 2022 from 6pm

ArchipelagoLab- Dinner & Plenum

next event


here you can find all our upcoming events.


Universitätsallee 1, C5.225
21335 Lüneburg