If you would like to be an active part of the ArchipelagoLab, please write to us via or just join our next Labmeeting. The Lab is a physical space inviting especially, but not only, students and PhD candidates of the Fakultäten Bildung, Kultur und Nachhaltigkeit, and a network and infrastructure which can support and advise you as well.

The ArchipelagoLab was initiated by Prof. Dr. Christoph Brunner, and led by him until 2023. It is affiliated with the Dekanat and advised by Prof. Dr. Roberto Nigro, Prodekan Research.


Arthur Siol
Frieder Janz
Ilkay Aydemir
Katharina Tchelidze
Kyle Wendt
Leon Follert
Marie Lynn Jessen (Coordinator)
Sophie Peterson


Summer Term 2023

Ibã Huni Kuin & Daniel Dinato (Brasil/Canada)
Initative "Undoing Unease"
Gerko Egert (Gießen)
Lisa Behrendt, Hanna Zeyen (Braunschweig/Lüneburg)

Winter Term 2022/23

Nik Forrest (Montreal)
Alanna Thain (Montreal)
Edith Brunette (Montreal/Berlin)
François Lemieux (Montreal/Berlin)
Gabriel Francisco Lemos (São Paulo)
Jana Vanecek (Zürich)
Sophia Bembeza (Athen)
Julia Haas (Wuppertal)
Paula Hildebrandt (Hamburg)
Kathrin Wildner (Hamburg)

Summer Term 2022

Yvonne Volkart
Dr. Felipe Castelblanco
Julia Mensch
Rasa Smite
Sophia Bembeza (Athen)
Fabian Schäfer
Flavia Meireles
Tiara Roxanne