Manufacturing of combined convex-concave form elements by using active-medium support in incremental sheet forming

Due to the increasing of variety of products, closer dimensional tolerances, and higher materials cost, the conventional variations in incremental sheet forming (ISF) have to meet great challenges, especially when manufacturing of combined convex-concave form elements. In order to meet these high requirements, the Institute for Production Technology and Systems tested an approach based on a combination of ISF and active-medium. During the convex forming process the forming tool penetrates in the sheet metal only once and follows a predefined path. The special feature is that the convex plastic deformation occurs by the use of a constant active-medium pressure. Since no shape-related die or second tool is needed, the new process is highly flexible.In this research project the potential of an incremental sheet metal forming process with active medium support will be investigated. The main objective is the process-reliable production of combined convex-concave form elements without reclampling of the sheet. For the analysis of the forming process, the convex and concave deformations should be considered separately. A fundamental understanding of the mechanism for the convex deformation is required. This includes the identification of the physical effects and their significant parameters. Also the influence of the active-medium support on shape accuracy, springback and process limits of the concave formed part needs to be investigated. The generated results of the convex and concave forming process provide a better understanding of the new process. It serves as the basis for safe manufacturing of combined convex-concave parts.



  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Noomane Ben Khalifa
  • Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thiery