Subproject TrICo: Transformation through Innovation and Cooperation

The Department of Manufacturing Technology is playing a part in creating the "Sustainable Production" community as part of the "Innovative University - TrICo" project. The objective of this community is to support the necessary and politically-driven sustainability transformation of businesses. In this context, the Chair of Production Engineering focuses on the development and redesign of CO2-neutral products and processes. The emphasis is on a holistic view of specific products and processes in terms of their energy requirements and emissions. Intelligent lightweight construction can, among other things, reduce the environmental impact of processes and products, making them ecologically sustainable. To achieve this purpose, the Chair of Manufacturing Technology is expanding and providing its expertise in the field of forming technology.

The establishment of sustainable partnerships with practical partners, in cooperation with Helmholtz Center Hereon and the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, is central to the project. The knowledge generated from research will be provided to companies through several innovative cooperation formats.

Additional details about the project and communities can be found here.


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Noomane Ben Khalifa
  • Paul Zeise, M.Sc.
  • Leo Hendriok, M.Sc.