Sustainability Science and Psychology

We combine decision sciences with climate- and sustainability research. We collaborate with an international network of academic colleagues from multiple disciplines, such as climate research, meteorology, economics, or engineering, as well as practitioners.

First, our research focuses on the perception and communication of climate and environmental risks, and related uncertainties. This includes how people differ in their risk perceptions, as well as how they process different communication formats. Second, we study mechanisms of pro-environmental behaviors. We currently focus on simple rules of thumb people often use when facing highly complex and uncertain situations, such as climate change, and when and how such rules can be useful.

Our results help people to make informed decisions regarding climate and other environmental hazards, and to effectively adapt to their consequences.

Our teaching about environmental decisions and risk perceptions is applied, based on current research results, inspired by interactive learning methods and in cooperation with the learning services and quality development of Leuphana University. Courses are offered within the study programs Umweltwissenschaften, Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Sustainability Science and in the new masters program Sustainability and Psychology, in cooperation with the University of Groningen, Netherlands (Team Environmental Psychology Groningen).



  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Kause