Methodology and Evaluation Research

The Research Methods Department is concerned with the development and application of statistical analysis procedures to psychological data. Our focus is on the development of time series analytical methods, especially methods from the field of dynamic systems analysis. These methods are suitable for characterising and quantifying complex time courses.

In terms of content, the department is concerned with research into the reading of natural texts, in particular with the connection between reading process measures (such as word reading times or eye movements) and text comprehension. Another research focus of the department is on the study of process data of collective action control ("joint action"), especially with regard to the question of how far performance and subjective perception in group tasks can be predicted by synchronous and a-synchronous action patterns.



  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wallot


  • Monika Tschense

Research Assistants

Gehrke Feindt
Stine Hollah
Zoé Nikolakis


  • Vivien Fabel
  • Birgit Gralla