Health Psychology and Applied Biological Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Health Psychology and thank you for your interest in our work!

The department conducts research on mental health. In doing so, we focus on the health challenges that the changes in the world of work bring for working people and that can be a cause of chronic stress. We see the digitalisation of workplace health promotion, prevention or therapy as an opportunity to open up contemporary approaches to health promotion and improve care. Therefore, we develop and investigate online trainings and apps for health promotion. At the interface of health psychology, clinical psychology, occupational psychology and computer science, we work across disciplinary boundaries on the young research field of Occupational eMental Health.



  • Prof. Dr. Dirk Lehr


  • Dr. Leif Boß, M.Sc.
  • Hanna Amira Brückner
  • Dr. Lorenz Grolig
  • Sandy Hannibal
  • Lina Kalon

Researcher Assistants

Svea Braun
Hanna Heimes
Natalie Slawik

External PhD scholars

  • M.Sc. Dörte Behrendt

Sarah Götsch
Patricia Nixon
Alexandra Smyth

Former PHD

Jo Annika Reins


  • Vivien Fabel
  • Birgit Gralla