Sustainability Science and Psychology

The research group combines decision psychology with climate and sustainability research. We work closely with practitioners and international colleagues from other disciplines, such as climate research, meteorology, economics and engineering.

On the one hand, we research risk perception and communication. This includes what differentiates people in their risk perception, as well as how users understand different communication formats for climate and environmental risks and associated uncertainty.
Second, we look at mechanisms of climate-related (everyday) decision-making, especially the simple rules of thumb that people often use to deal with an overabundance of information, such as on climate change.
Our findings help people make informed decisions about sustainability and adapt effectively to challenges such as climate change.

We currently teach on sustainability decision-making and risk. Our teaching is applied, based on the latest research, inspired by interactive teaching methods and in cooperation with the Leuphana Teaching Service and Quality Development; in the Bachelor Environmental Science and Bachelor Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, in the Master Sustainability Science and in the Master Psychology and Sustainability in cooperation with the University of Groningen (Team Environmental Psychology Groningen).

The Sustainability Psychology working group is led by Dr. Astrid Kause.

Current Projects

The team is currently working on the following projects
Public perceptions of 1.5 degrees



  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Kause

Research Assistants

Neele Marie Bünning


  • Angela Slawinsky