Third-party projects

2020-2025           "Quantification of nonlinear dynamics in psychological data",
                            Heisenberg Programme of the German Research Foundation, PI

2021-2024           "The role of (non-)synchronous coordination and its quantification in collective action control".
                             collective action control", German Research Foundation, PI

2018-2021           "Reading Process Regularity", German Research Foundation, PI

2016-2020           “Development of emotion regulation during life transitions”, Danish Council for Independent
                             Research, CO-PI (PI: Prof. Mimi Young Mehlsen, Aarhus University)

2014-2015           “Expressive writing in cancer patients?”, IMC Seed Funding, PI

2014-2015           “Be quick and be dead? Acting and reacting in a high-noon-style shootout situation.”
                             IMC Seed Funding, PI

2013-2014           “Dynamics of Reading Disorders”, IMC Seed Funding, PI

2013-2014           “Measuring Social Interaction”, IMC Seed Funding, Collaborator
                            (PI: Prof. Dimitris Xygalatas, Aarhus University)

2008-2011           University Graduate Scholarship (UGS),  University of Cincinnati

2009-2010           GSGA Research and Travel Award, University of Cincinnati