Health Psychology and Applied Biological Psychology

The Department of Health Psychology conducts a number of studies to promote mental health. New and innovative online trainings or apps are investigated. It is possible to use the online trainings or apps as part of our studies. You will find an overview of research networks and information on the respective projects.

GET.ON Dankbarkeit

GET.ON Gratitude

Many people are burdened by brooding and worry, and constant negative thoughts are a risk factor for mental health. Gratitude is a way to become more aware of and appreciate the positive in the world. In a study, we are investigating whether the use of a gratitude app is associated with positive health effects.

Gelassen im Referendariat

Serenity in the traineeship

For many trainee teachers, the start of their career is associated with constant stress. The online training "Gelassen im Referendariat" (Calm in the Traineeship) aims to build up skills for stress reduction and offers training opportunities for improving classroom management. This training is being investigated in two studies.
You can find more details on Gelassen im Referendariat here.

Holidaily - Der Erholungscoach

Holidaily - The relaxation coach

When on holiday, most professionals are good at doing what serves their recovery. The Holidaily app was developed with the aim of cultivating effective recovery behaviour in everyday professional life after the holiday.
You can find more details about Holidaily here.

Resist. Resilienz stärken

Resist. Strengthening resilience

Strengthening personal strengths is a central idea of resilience. Resilience could be a protective factor against negative consequences of stress. RESIST is an online training with accompanying app developed on the basis of Strengths-Based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. The aim is to specifically build self-efficacy, optimism, self-care and social support.

More details on Resist. Strengthen Resilience can be found here.


Pragmatic solutions for the implementation of stress prevention measures in micro and small enterprises.

Micro and small enterprises face particular challenges when it comes to workplace health promotion. In PRAGMATIKK, web-based tools are developed to support micro and small enterprises in stress prevention. This involves both the stress-preventive design of the workplace and individual measures. In this context, it will be tested for the first time whether online trainings for stress reduction are as effective as traditional group trainings.

Further information on PragmatiKK can be found here.


Digital health prevention for start-ups.

Digi-Exist is developing a web-based platform that includes training measures for the health-promoting design of workplaces in young companies as well as a broad range of evidence-based training for individual health promotion. Behavioural and situational preventive measures are integrated under one roof and are aimed in particular at start-ups.

More details on Digi-Exist can be found here.


A dynamic system for the assessment and prevention of mental workloads in small and medium-sized companies in Industry 4.0.

In the DYNAMIK 4.0 project, a web-based system is being developed to support medium-sized companies in Industrie 4.0 in carrying out the risk assessment of mental stress (GBPsych).

Further details on DYNAMIK 4.0 can be found here.