Johannes Katsarov is an ethicist, educational scientist, and serious game designer at Leuphana. He promotes game-based learning, teaches ethics, and develops digital games to sensitize people for ethical problems and risks associated with artificial intelligence, chatbots, and social media. Currently, he is finishing up a serious moral game on the responsible use of artificial intelligence in business, which has already been tested by more than a hundred students from diverse degree programs. Previously, he worked at the University of Zurich, where he conducted research on the promotion of moral sensitivity and research integrity. Here, he also developed two digital games for ethics education, which are used for the training of medical and business students at several universities and submitted a doctoral dissertation on “Virtuous Play – Promoting Moral Sensitivity with Digital Games”. His principal research interests are to identify teaching mechanisms and strategies that effectively facilitate the development of responsible attitudes and competences for moral agency and to understand, how game-based learning can achieve optimal outcomes.