Motivation and General Psychology

Welcome to the website of the team of Motivation and General Psychology! Our team investigates how people think about the future and how people’s thoughts about the future can be used to foster motivation and self-regulation in various domains, for example when it comes to promoting sustainable consumer behaviour. We conduct research in the field, the laboratory, and online.

We use a wide variety of research methods including behavioural observations, ecological momentary assessment, physiological measurements (e.g., systolic blood pressure, pre-ejection period), reaction time measures, and analysis of population-level and archival data. Our team aims to apply the discovered principles and interventions to improve people’s everyday life and solve real-world problems.



  • PD Dr. Timur Sevincer


  • Dr. Hong Zhang

Research Assistants

Cosima Luttmann
Jana Steffens


  • Vivien Fabel
  • Birgit Gralla