In the research projects, interdisciplinary work is carried out in cooperation between lawyers and, among others, environmental scientists, environmental planners and biologists, but also increasingly with experts from the economic sector. The research perspective is increasingly directed towards interdisciplinary sustainability research and is oriented towards the guiding principle of sustainability.

From the traditional fields of environmental law, such as soil protection law, environmental information law, and regional planning law, waste law has increasingly emerged as a research focus in the direction of a circular economy. In addition, legal research in the field of renewable energies plays an important role at the chair.

Focus on recycling law

In the field of waste law, many things have changed in recent years. The renaming from the Waste Management Act to the current Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act alone indicates this. The central research ideas here are the design of legal framework conditions to promote resource efficiency and sufficiency in order to ultimately avoid waste.

Focus on energy law

The broad topic of renewable energy has been on the agenda for some time. The professorship develops commentaries on fundamental laws and develops theoretical and practical perspectives on legal issues related to renewable energy.