Former PhD students of the Professorship of Sustainability and Politics work in specialist and management positions at universities and research institutions, ub civil society organizations, and the private and public sector.

Dr. Stefanie Augustine
Dr. Claudia Bartels
Dr. Felix Beyers
Dr. Sarah Feron
Prof. Dr. Matthias Fischer
Dr. Yannik Gehlen
Dr. Takehiro Hatakeyama
Dr. Norman Laws
Dr. Gesa Lüdecke
Dr. Maren Knolle
Dr. Eduardo Noboa
Dr. Jule Platwitzki
Dr. Saifudin Mohamed Saleh
Dr. Marco Schulze
Dr. Laura Spengler
Dr. Anna-Katharina von Stauffenberg
Dr. Melanie Weber-Moritz
Dr. Isabella Wedl
Dr. Janis Winzer