Institute of Sustainability Governance

The members of the Institute of Sustainability Governance (INSUGO) focus their work on a fundamental question: Which public institutions and regulation systems are necessary to achieve the normative goal of sustainability in a complex and pluralistic society? The answer to this question is provided by a broad scientific approach which is based on research, academic teaching and knowledge transfer with practitioners on topics of public sustainability governance.

Professorships and working groups

Energy Economics and Energy Policy
Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert

Governance and Sustainability
Prof. Dr. Jens Newig

Sustainability and Politics
Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs

Public Law, in particular Energy and Environmental Law
Prof. Dr. Thomas Schomerus

Public and European Law with Focus on Sustainability
Prof. Dr. Valentin Schatz

Public and International Law with Focus on Sustainability
Prof. Dr. Jelena Bäumler

Hydraulic and Foundation Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Birgitt Brinkmann

Junior Research Group
Dr. Lars Holstenkamp


A systematically structured compilation, cross-linking and presentation of detailed information on research activities – such as publications, current or completed projects – as well as on organizations and researchers of the INSUGO can be found in the Research Index (FOX). A person-related output of this data is also provided on the researchers' and lecturers' webpages, which you can access via the Team section.


Lecturers at the INSUGO are involved to varying degrees in different Bachelor and Master programmes at the College respectively at the Graduate or Professional School. In particular, modules and courses in the following study programmes are offered and supervised:

Current courses with information on lecturers, content and goals can be viewed on the webpages of the professorships and working groups. Members of the university can obtain in addition detailed module descriptions, information on dates, examinations, etc. on the myStudy portal.

Doctoral studies

After the successful completion of a Masters programme, the INSUGO offers the possibility to do doctoral studies at the Graduate School in order to derive the degree Dr. rer. pol. or Dr. phil. What has to be considered – from admission to the partially structured doctoral courses and doctoral research groups to implementation – is presented on the webpages about the Doctorate at the Faculty of Sustainability.