The normative goal of sustainability requires the long-term preservation of nature, including its functions and services for humans. In the concretization of these norms, the legal framework for sustainability-relevant action plays a major role.

The integrative connection of environmental law with energy law is of great importance for the law professorship and forms the main focus in research and teaching. Natural interfaces of both fields are the law of renewable energies, energy efficiency and sufficiency, and resource conservation.

The Chair of Public Law, in particular Energy and Environmental Law, fits seamlessly into the context of sustainability science. Its working method is already interdisciplinary in its basic approach, and also shows a considerable degree of transfer to the fields of environmental planning, economics and politics. Consequently, the professorship is located in the Institute for Sustainability Management.

holder of professorship

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Schomerus


  • Dr. Katrin Klitzke
  • Ilona Heyner

Apl. Prof. Dr. Ing. Karsten Runge
Bellmannstr. 36
22607 Hamburg
Fon +49.40.89070622
Fax +49.40.85500812

honorary professors

- Prof. Dr. Dörte Fouquet
- Prof. Dr. Thorsten Müller
- Hon.-Prof. Dr. Ing. Heinrich Reincke (†)
- Hon.-Prof. Dr. Ludger-Anselm Versteyl (†)


Ulrike Steffens
Universitätsallee 1, C11.216
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-1307

Former Employees

  • Assessor Steffen Benz LL.M.
  • Dipl.-Umweltwiss. Inka Bleuel
  • Assessor Jan Busse
  • Assessor Oliver Claus LL.M.
  • Regierungsrätin Sabine Clausen LL.M.
  • Dr. Hendrike Clouting
  • Dipl. Biol. Dr. rer. publ. Björn Dietrich LL.M.
  • Dipl.-Umweltwiss. Matthias Fabian
  • Dr. Jorge Guerra González
  • RAin Lea Herrmann-Reichold
  • RAin Annette Hunke LL.M.
  • Dr. Christina Kühnel
  • RAin Sylvia Lübker LL.M.
  • Dr. Christian Maly M.A.
  • Dr. Moritz Meister, M.Sc.
  • Dr. jur. Lutz Mitto LL.M.
  • Dr. Philipp Neidig LL.M.
  • Saskia Poth
  • Regierungsrätin Sabine Reuland LL.M.
  • Apl.-Prof. Dr. jur. Ulrich Smeddinck LL.M.
  • Dr. Michaela Stecher LL.M.
  • Dipl.-Umweltwiss. Marcus Steffens
  • Dr. Sina Stumpf
  • Dr. rer. publ. Dipl. Umweltwiss. Ulrike Tolkmitt
  • Assessorin Henrike Wegener