Liberality, equal treatment, respect for gender diversity in the university

2020-12-03 In its meeting on December 2, 2020, the Executive Board commented on the general positioning and strategy of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg on the topic of gender diversity.

Any discriminatory and offensive behavior towards TIN* people is not tolerated at this university. ©Cecile Johnsen/Unsplash
Any discriminatory and offensive behavior towards TIN* people is not tolerated at this university.

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg is committed to the overall social goal of providing good learning, working and living conditions to create research conditions in the sense of a university culture that is gender- and diversity-appropriate and appreciative. It is committed to liberalism, equal treatment and respect in the university. The goal of emphasizing equality and inclusion, also with regard to gender diversity, is a high priority for the university. Statements directed against trans, inter* and non-binary people (TIN*) are not compatible with the university's mission statement.

At Leuphana, all people should be able to confess their identity without fear of negative reactions or discrimination. Through equality and the protection of all legitimate interests, the university creates conditions in which all university members can live, learn and work safely and well.

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg is committed to taking gender diversity into account in all areas of activity and procedures. By signing the Diversity Charter in 2014 and adopting the codex "Diversity as an Opportunity" already in winter semester 2015/16, it has set an example. In doing so, the university has committed itself to recognizing diversity, giving it room to develop and become visible and involving it in the university's further development.

The following offers and measures should be mentioned as examples in this context:

  •  The university pays attention to an inclusive and gender-conscious use of language.
  •  At the university, "all-gender toilets" have been installed in a highly visible and accessible location. This offer is to be expanded in order to provide more services in addition to the existing gender-separated toilets.
  •  In addition to the already existing portal "Against sexual harassment: Information and Support on Sexualized Discrimination and Violence", further information will be provided on the Equal Opportunities Office's website.
  •  In cooperation with the Lüneburg-based association 'checkpoint queer', safe spaces will be provided where TIN* students and employees can exchange information and receive advice. Such counseling could provide support in legal and medical areas, among other things, but could also provide social and emotional assistance, for example in cases of experiences of discrimination.
  •  Furthermore, in addition to information provided by the Antonio Amadeu Foundation, it is intended to offer "No Hate Speech" workshops and anti-bias training for all university members to reflect and unlearn transphobic and otherwise oppressive and discriminatory attitudes and behavior.
  •  At the University of Lüneburg, the AStA department QuARG (Queer, Awareness, Equal Rights and Gender Matters) has been established, whose members work for equal rights and against discrimination. QuARG is also a contact and advice point for students who have questions on the topics of gender and sexuality and want to get involved against discrimination.
  •  No comparable network has yet been established for university employees. The Executive Board therefore supports efforts to establish an LGBTIQ* network among employees as well.

This list is not to be regarded as complete and is updated regularly.
Any discriminatory and offensive behavior towards TIN* people is not tolerated at this university.