Leuphana as an example of sustainable mobility

2022-03-08 Lüneburg/Berlin. With its traffic-calmed campus and a cycling route map to the university, Leuphana University Lüneburg is part of the new good practice brochure "Sustainable Mobility at Universities" published by the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD). It presents 19 outstanding projects from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are committed to sustainable mobility. Leuphana is the only university represented with two projects.

The VCD publication "Nachhaltige Mobilität an Hochschulen" (Sustainable Mobility at Universities) is aimed at everyone who wants to make a difference at their university - students, climate protection or mobility officers and university staff. The experiences and reports compiled in the brochure can also be interesting for other public institutions and motivate them to implement further projects for sustainable mobility.

With the traffic-calmed campus, Leuphana is pursuing two goals: On the one hand, the reduction of motorised individual traffic should improve the quality of stay on campus. Secondly, the campus is to become a place where people feel comfortable and enjoy spending time. Science, administration and students at the university are working closely together to achieve these goals. Topics such as biodiversity, accessibility, movement and places of learning are essential components of the project.

The core idea of the second Leuphana project, "Beautiful Cycle Routes", is that cycling along noisy main roads is no fun, is not particularly safe in the flow of motor vehicle traffic and numerous traffic lights constantly slow cyclists down. In Lüneburg and the suburban communities, however, there are many beautiful paths that can make it very attractive to come to campus by bike. An online bicycle map makes these routes accessible to those who are unfamiliar with the area.

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