Leuphana is now a member of the university alliance (ua) 11+

2022-07-19 Lüneburg/Berlin. The University Alliance (UA) 11+ is an association of originally 11 research- and transfer-strong medium-sized German universities that distinguish themselves through a special role in their regional environment. Leuphana University Lüneburg is now also a member of this alliance. This has been decided by the UA 11+ General Assembly. It is thus the only university in Lower Saxony and one of only two universities from northern Germany in the alliance.

The aim of the alliance is to represent the interests of its members at state, federal and EU level and to help shape measures to promote science, research and teaching. The Alliance also promotes the exchange of experience among its members, for example, on how to apply for federal and state funding programmes. The participating universities also hope that their joint presence will increase their national and international visibility.

Prerequisites for admission to the UA 11+ include top-level research in selected profile areas and high-calibre cooperation agreements with partners from industry and society as well as non-university research institutes. "Participation in UA 11+ will make our concept of advancing regional innovations and developments through research strength more visible in the university landscape," says University President Sascha Spoun. Leuphana has meanwhile placed itself well in the group of medium-sized German universities.

The University Alliance (UA) 11+ was founded in 2020 by 11 universities from Bielefeld, Greifswald, Kaiserslautern, Magdeburg, Paderborn, Passau, Potsdam, Saarbrücken, Trier, Ulm and Wuppertal. Later, the University of Siegen was added. In addition to Leuphana, the University of Kassel has now also joined the alliance.

Website of the UA 11+: www.ua11plus.de