Leuphana is one of the strongest research universities in business administration

2020-12-11 Lüneburg. According to a ranking now published by WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Leuphana University of Lüneburg is one of the most research-intensive universities in the German-speaking world in the field of business administration. Among the 200 or so universities surveyed, Leuphana is ranked 24th. Looking only at German universities, it is ranked 16th, which also makes it the highest-ranked university in Lower Saxony. The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland is in first place.

The business administration ranking was compiled for WirtschaftsWoche by the KOF Research Institute of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich together with the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE). All relevant specialist articles from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on business administration topics that have appeared in around 860 specialist publications since 2011 were recorded and evaluated. Depending on the reputation of the journals, the universities received a graduated point value for the contributions of their scientists.

With its 21 professorships, business administration at Leuphana is one of the smaller units in the German-speaking world. Nevertheless, more than 500 publications from Lüneburg could be used for the evaluation during the period studied. "Further proof of the outstanding work in our Faculty of Business and Economics," comments University President Sascha Spoun on the pleasing result, recalling that Leuphana has already repeatedly received great recognition for its research achievements in the field of business and economics in recent years. In the field of management and entrepreneurship, it ranks among the top 10% of the world's most research-intensive business schools. Leuphana's academics repeatedly occupy top positions in economists' rankings.