"Recorded!" - Leuphana panel discussions and conferences now also as podcast

2022-08-22 Every year, Leuphana University Lüneburg hosts lectures, discussions and conferences with numerous guests from politics, business and culture. Interested viewers have repeatedly requested that the talks should also be made available as podcasts. The new format "Mitgeschnitten" (Recorded) fulfils this wish: even those who were not present at the events, which are in great demand, can be very close to the action with the live recordings.

Major events such as the Utopia Conference with over 1000 participants, the conference weeks with international guests and many panel discussions with Richard David Precht and Maja Göpel, among others, on topics from business, politics, society and the environment were recorded.

You can find the previous episodes on the Leuphana podcast page at https://podcast.leuphana.de/mitgeschnitten/ as well as on Spotify and all other podcast platforms. Upcoming episodes will cover topics including social progress in the digital age, the impact of the Corona pandemic on capitalism and digitalisation.

All other Leuphana podcasts can be found here: https://podcast.leuphana.de/ - including "Karriere leupht", in which Leuphana graduates talk about their professional experiences after graduation.