Leuphana awards nine scholarships for legal research

2023-05-26 Lüneburg. The Joachim Herz Doctoral College in Law at Leuphana University Lüneburg will begin a doctoral programme on the topic of law and transformation in the coming winter semester. The College is making nine doctoral scholarships available for participation in this programme. They run for up to four years and are endowed with 1,650 euros per month. The call for applications is aimed at graduates of law and related social science disciplines. The application deadline is 11 June 2023.

The doctoral programme deals with fundamental legal issues that arise from the transformation of society and the associated transformation of the law. Phenomena such as digitalisation, constant social change, for example as a result of demographic changes, as well as ongoing crises and conflicts, also pose major challenges from a legal perspective. The Joachim Herz Doctoral Programme therefore aims to promote research in the fields of digitalisation, climate change, (inter)national conflicts and transformation.

Leuphana established a School of Public Affairs last year. For the first time in Germany, it offers law students the opportunity to obtain both a Master's degree in law and the state law examination. The Joachim Herz Foundation supports the project and is providing Leuphana with 750,000 euros for the Joachim Herz Doctoral College in Law, initially for the next two years.

Further information can be found here www.leuphana.de/joachim-herz-stipendien