DFG funds network for research into disruptive innovations

2023-09-22 Lüneburg. Dr. Sarah Stanske from the Institute of Management and Organization at Leuphana University Lüneburg will join forces with three colleagues to launch a new network aimed at advancing innovation research. The DFG (German Research Foundation) will fund the project, which will begin in November of this year, for two years.

The four researchers are particularly interested in the phenomenon of disruption in innovation. This refers to fundamental changes that replace previous business models or establish new technologies. The dimension of time is of particular importance to them, because on the one hand disruptive innovators draw on past experience to create something new, but on the other hand they also have to reconcile future, uncertain results with present needs.

The new network aims to bring together scholars from different research fields working at the intersection of disruption and temporality research. The goal is to foster dialogue between these academic discourses in order to ultimately better understand the phenomenon of disruption.