The Name Leuphana -
Questioning Assumptions

Our university is called Leuphana University Lüneburg. What is behind this name?

In the second century A.D., the Greek universal scholar Claudius Ptolemy created a detailed atlas of the world known at that time. In this work the name Leuphana is mentioned for the first time: It describes a settlement in northern Germania, which in the 19th century was assigned to today's Lüneburg. By today's standards, the map is not very precise, which is why the connection between Leuphana and Lüneburg - like many things in science - is not certain knowledge, but an assumption.

Ptolemy's thirst for knowledge and his tireless attempt to make knowledge usable through structuring characterise his work and are still indispensable prerequisites for successful science today. The University of Lüneburg feels connected to this spirit of discovery through its name Leuphana.