Autonomous Writing Group for shared writing practice and giving feedback

2022-11-21 We invite you to our second open meeting on Wednesday, November 23 at 2:15pm, in the Archipelago Lab (C5.255).

We (Liane Schlumberger and Maximilian Waschka) are starting a student writing group. We meet every Wednesday at 2:15 pm in the Archipelago Lab (C5.255). For our second meeting on November 23, new participants are welcome to join us; we would then like to talk about and try out what helpful feedback means and how we can deal with feedback well.

The practice of writing is an important part of our everyday study life, but is rarely made a topic and is then often related to assessment and pressure to perform. In this seminar, we would like to create a space in which our own writing projects can be developed, read, reflected upon, and discussed with one another to continually find new starting points for our writing. Each participant can bring their own text during the semester - a term paper, an excerpt from a thesis, or another writing project.

An emphasis is also placed on togetherness, i.e., getting to know each other, learning from and with each other. We want to explore how we can both give and receive helpful feedback. What tools can we give each other? How can we strengthen each other? And again and again: why and to what end do we want to write? The event will be held mainly in German, but you are welcome to bring English texts as well!

On Wednesday, November 23 at 2:15pm, our second open meeting will take place in the Archipelago Lab (C5.255).

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