Solidarity with Ukraine


Leuphana University Lüneburg declares its solidarity with the Ukrainian people who have become victims of a war of aggression by the armed forces of the Russian Federation in violation of international law. Our thoughts and sympathy are with the children, women and men who are now suffering from military aggression and whose freedom is threatened.

The unjustified attack on a free and peace-loving country is also an attack on the freedom of Europe. We are therefore called upon to do everything in our power to help and support the people of Ukraine wherever possible. In doing so, we join the community of those who are now sending a clear signal to the Russian government and its President Vladimir Putin, who alone bear responsibility for this heinous and inhumane war of aggression.

Leuphana stands for freedom, openness to the world, solidarity and peaceful coexistence. Putin's war of aggression, condemned worldwide, breaks with all these values and marks a turning point. It threatens the entire post-war order in Europe. We are convinced of the strength of democracy and will use all the means at our disposal to defend it and to make our contribution to it in research and teaching.

As a visible sign of our solidarity, we will raise flags of Ukraine on campus as a constant reminder that we stand alongside the Ukrainian people. Later this week, I will also meet with the Ukrainian students of our university to discuss how we as a university community can best help and support in the face of the dramatic situation.

Sascha Spoun