Leuphana remains Fairtrade-University

2021-06-15 In February 2016, Leuphana became the third Fairtrade University in Germany to receive the award. Now the official association TransFair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany) announced the renewal for another two years. Nationwide, 32 universities and colleges have been awarded the Fairtrade label.

The worldwide Fairtrade Universities Campaign is represented not only in Germany, but also in Great Britain, Colombia and the USA, among other countries, with award-winning universities. It promotes the network of actors from administration, the student body and the catering industry who are committed to fair trade on campus. Awards are given to universities that demonstrably integrate fair trade into everyday university life in the long term - for example, by offering fair products at meetings and official events or by regularly providing information about fair trade on campaign days. The reference to the topic of fair trade in teaching and research is also a decisive criterion - for example in the context of lecture series on the focus topics of climate, children's and workers' rights, gender justice or the empowerment of small farmers.

The aim of the non-profit association TransFair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany) is to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and workers in the global south through fair trade conditions and to offer their products to a broad consumer group. The association is involved in politics, business and civil society through consultation, project and programme work. Always central is the vision of a world in which all producers have a livelihood and can shape their own future.