Irish English Research Network

The Irish English Research Network is a space for scholars of Irish English, interested in the linguistic analysis of the English spoken on the island of Ireland. Specifically, it aims to provide a platform to share current research and perspectives and to disseminate information on publications, courses of study, open scholarships, corpora of Irish English and useful resources. It also aims to facilitate exchange between colleagues and so promote the formation of new research collaborations. Finally, the network provides a platform for the promotion of linguistic research on Irish English within Irish English, within Irish Studies, and within the broader field of research on the varieties of English.

​This site provides a list of scholars associated with the network. This list can be searched by surname, country, institution and research interests within Irish English. It also provides a database of publications on Irish English, searchable by keyword, year of publication, author and publication type. Information is also included on the New Perspectives of Irish English (NPIE) conference series and links given to related events, useful resources, including corpora of Irish English.

Scholars in Irish English are invited to join the network internet presence and to add their publications to the list of publications. All interested parties are invited to sign up for the Irish English Research Network newsletter and to use the contact address supplied to let us know of new publications, events or resources of interest.