Blended Learning Zertifikat für Lehrkompetenz

The Blended Learning Zertifikat für Lehrkompetenz is a modularised qualification programme of approximately one year for Leuphana lecturers who wish to receive basic training in higher education didactics. Participants experience blended learning as a contemporary teaching/learning setting, and at the same time the concept becomes the subject of learning in the programme. In a fixed group of max. 16 people, participants are trained in media-supported teaching and work on their own teaching project. The programme is entirely in German.

The certificate comprises 120 working units (WU, one WU = 45 minutes) and is made up of Lehre am Start (30 WU) as the basic level and Lehre Plus (90 WU) as the professionalisation level. More information on the two parts of the programme will be available soon.

The synchronous workshops take place on Wednesdays from 9 am to 1pm.

The Blended Learning Zertifikat für Lehrkompetenz is compatible with the Lower Saxony State Certificate in Higher Education Teaching.

Structure Full Certificate Programme ©Lehrservice
Structure Full Certificate Programme

Lehre am Start

Lehre am Start is designed as a basic level and is the right programme to start teaching at Leuphana. As a compact programme, it forms the basis for basic knowledge of planning and implementation, assessment and evaluation, and feedback in teaching. In the Teaching Plus professionalisation level, the modules are deepened and expanded to include aspects of innovation and practice. Participants can choose to complete the Teaching at the Start programme with a certificate of attendance or continue with Teaching Plus to gain the full certificate.

The next round of Lehre am Start is planned for April 2024.

Lehre Plus

Lehre Plus is a level of professionalisation that focuses primarily on the practice and the exchange between teachers as well as on the innovation of teaching concepts. Participants develop a teaching project, visit each other's courses and organise their own dialogue formats. Under certain conditions, Lehre Plus can be taken without having participated in Teaching at the Start, if evidence of relevant teaching experience and higher education didactic qualifications is provided.

The next round of Lehre Plus is planned for October 2024. More information will be available soon.



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