WEKAN's Functions

The main features are:

  • Setting up lists (e.g. for "to do", "in progress", "completed") in which cards with e.g. tasks or topics are placed.
  • Enter dates and deadlines in each card
  • Assign responsibilities for individual tasks or cards
  • Enter checklists, e.g. to complete a complex task
  • Add comments to cards
  • Colour, rename, prioritise and move cards in lists
  • Create swim lines to structure the board horizontally
  • Managing participants for a single board

This video tutorial explains the main features.

Possible uses of WEKAN

WEKAN can be used for planning, strategies, overviews and project management in teaching:

  • Organise group projects: Coordinate group work efficiently and keep track of project progress.
  • Scheduling and deadline management: centrally manage seminar schedules and deadlines and make them available to students
  • Assign tasks: Clearly define tasks and roles within projects or exercises and assign them to students.
  • Collaborative learning: allow students to work together on assignments, share ideas and learn from each other
  • Collect ideas and brainstorm: Collect ideas in lists and support creative processes
  • Resource and material management: provide and structure relevant materials, links and resources

You can find more Kanban Boards used at Leuphana on the website of the Teaching Service.