Prof. Dr. Ulf Amelung ©Iwo Amelung
Prof. Dr. Ulf Amelung

Ulf Amelung was a university professor for didactics of physics/chemistry and a volunteer in environmental and natural science issues. After completing his doctorate in meteorology at the TU Braunschweig, Ulf Amelung joined the College of Education in Lüneburg in 1967. In 1975 he became dean of the Lüneburg department at the PH Lower Saxony in Lüneburg. In the 1990s he was involved in establishing the Department of Environmental Sciences, from which today's Faculty of Sustainability evolved. After his release due to reaching retirement age, he continued to be involved as an author and as an honorary nature conservation officer for environmental issues in the district of Lüneburg.

Ulf Amelung's work had a significant impact on teacher training in Lüneburg and he participated in the UNESCO-UNEP programme "Internationalisation and Innovation in Teacher Education".  He was held in high esteem among his colleagues and enjoyed a high reputation.

Leuphana University Lüneburg remembers him with deep sadness and great gratitude. We extend our sincere sympathy to his relatives.