Campus Culture

In their curriculum, the students deal with sustainable development and the academic staff conduct research on this topic. As a resonance to these core tasks of the university, Leuphana offers places and opportunities for its members to exert influence and make their own contributions to sustainable development. In these "spaces", students and staff can experience how action in the sense of sustainability can take concrete form and what possibilities exist for making their own contribution to the sustainable development of the university. In this way, Leuphana creates a space for its members to shape and experience.

The Leuphana Campus is also a place where students and employees spend a lot of time. Leuphana's campus should be designed in such a way that all members and guests of the university feel comfortable, get into conversation with others and are supported in their activities. In seminars, workshops and discussions, both students and employees of the university have provided valuable suggestions for shaping the "campus living environment" in the sense of a sustainable and social campus:

  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Increasing Biodiversity
  • Sports on Campus
  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Accessibility
  • Students initiatives