EnterJOB: Hanna Lother - Inspiring meetings

2022-06-20 The Leuphana alumna studied the M.Sc. Global Sustainability Science program at the Graduate School and now works in a management consultancy. With the mentoring program of the Career Service, the job entry was successful and opens up the further career path. Carolin Stüdemann, Executive Director of Viva con Agua, supported the alumna.

Hanna Lother ©Leuphana/Anastasia Adasheva
"Mentoring has strengthened me and I get good feedback on the job," says Hanna Lother.

Hanna Lother had just bagged her double degree from Leuphana and Arizona State University. That's when the Corona pandemic thwarted her job search plans: "The EnterJOB mentoring program was a good opportunity for me to use the waiting period wisely." Leuphana students are allowed to take advantage of Career Service offers up to a maximum of two years after graduation.

Hanna Lother researched possible mentors on the Internet and came across Carolin Stüdemann, Executive Director of Viva con Agua. "It was important to me to be coached by a woman who had already successfully combined leisure time and career," says the alumna. Leuphana's Career Service put her in touch with the mentor and the collaboration became a perfect match: "Caro took a lot of time for our meetings. I reflected on the conversations at home in order to benefit as much as possible and to develop personally. She inspired me," reports Hanna Lother.

Soon she was able to put the tips to concrete use: While still in the preparatory phase of the mentoring program, the Leuphana alumna became a sustainability consultant at a renowned management consultancy: "Caro then reflected on my role and responsibilities in the team, for example, which was very helpful for my everyday work." Hanna Lother is moving into new territory and is currently helping to build up the sustainability division at the consultancy: "The job is challenging, but also offers a lot of room for creativity and co-design." For example, the young professional organizes talks on sustainability and plans training courses: "Mentoring has strengthened me and I get good feedback on the job," says Hanna Lother.

But the preparation for the mentoring with Carolin Stüdemann by the Career Service were also helpful for the alumna: "We evaluated our personality profiles in the sessions and determined our needs. Reflectiveness and empathy, for example, were important topics. Only if I know my strengths and weaknesses can I find my place in a team and support it," says Hanna Lother.

EnterJOB supports students and graduates in starting their careers and organizes matches with mentors from successful professional positions. The program is accompanied by several preparatory workshops that address career planning and personal development, clarify career goals and the choice of suitable mentors, and promote networking skills.