Startup Port BUSINESS Session: Fuck Up Talk

21. Mar

About failure - and what you can learn from it.

Eugen Gross, founder of Aiconix, an AI platform for media content, tells us how to deal with the failure of a heartfelt project. After a successful foundation and successful fundraising, his company fails in the challenge of raising follow-up financing. In this Fuck-Up Talk, he tells you why the product and the company will continue anyway and how he deals with the ups and downs of founding, but also of failure. Eugen honestly shares with you the lessons he has learned for himself as an entrepreneur, but also personally.

Finn Peters, lawyer and specialist in insolvency law, will provide you with valuable tips and insights on the pitfalls that you should already consider at the beginning of your start-up in order not to be held personally liable in the event of failure - and to find the best possible solutions for your employees and the company. Afterwards, you will have time to ask your questions in a Q&A session.


  • Short introduction by Eugen and Finn
  • Storytelling and learnings from Eugen
  • Tips and insights on the following topics
    •     Liability
    •     Difficulties and hurdles in investor rounds
    •     Insolvency plan, a chance to preserve the company
  • Open Q&A session



Eugen Gross has many years of experience in the field of film and TV. In the course of his career, he worked in Austria, Berlin and Hamburg at various stations and in different fields of activity in moving image production. He was co-founder and partner of production companies and worked as a producer and director. With his extensive experience, he knows the challenges of the media industry very well. Through his Executive MBA studies at Hamburg Media School, he discovered his interest in data, artificial intelligence and its use in content creation. In 2018, he founded the company aiconix GmbH.

Finn Peters has been working as an insolvency administrator for more than 20 years. During this time, he has restructured various companies in insolvency proceedings, including several start-ups. He knows the peculiarities of financing start-ups and the challenges this poses for founders. Finn Peters has been a partner at Baker Tilly since 2015.


Until 20.03.2023 at the Startup Port website.

Target group: Startups and founders from the environment of the Startup Port partners.


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