International Master of Psychology Honoured

2021-12-13 The International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.) has been awarded the quality seal of the German Psychological Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie DGPs). The first graduates now received their degree certificates at the partner university in Maastricht. Two alumna report on their studies.

Students at the graduation ceremony in Maastricht. ©Thom Frijns / Marketing Maastricht University
Students at the graduation ceremony in Maastricht.

Leuphana University Lüneburg is the first German university to be awarded the quality seal for master's programmes in business psychology by the German Psychological Society (DGPs). With this seal, the society recognises the excellent professional quality of psychology study programmes. Leuphana received the award for its English-language International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology, which it offers jointly with the Universities of Maastricht and Valencia.

Anika Thurow and Lisa Boenke both travelled from Switzerland to Maastricht to receive their master's certificates. They are among the first graduates of the International Joint Masters of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology. Immediately after graduation, their careers continued smoothly: Anika Thurow is currently completing an internship at a research-related consultancy in St. Gallen and Lisa Boenke has started her doctorate in Neuchatel: "I feel very well prepared for work in research. The programme was very challenging but rewarding. However, I can also recommend the master's for students who don't intend to do a doctorate: It is beneficial to study in three different countries. I have achieved great leaps in my personal development in the past two years," says the 23-year-old. She attained her doctoral position through a recommendation from Leuphana. "The study groups were small and the support from the lecturers was very good. I still feel like I can write to anyone if I have a question. No matter whether in Maastricht, Valencia or at Leuphana."

The International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.) started at Leuphana Graduate School in cooperation with Maastricht University and Universitat de Valencia in the 2019 winter semester. The English-language master's programme not only covers the classic topics of work and organisational psychology, but also aims to prepare students for a scientific career within or outside of a university setting. The universities of Maastricht, Valencia and Lüneburg jointly developed the programme - with great advantages for students, as programme director Professor Dr. Michael Gielnik explains: "The educational and research strengths of three faculties have been combined. In addition, the programme promotes international exchange and the European idea." Common to all three universities is the research intensity. "The programme is completed in the fourth semester with an empirical master's thesis, ideally at the level of an internationally recognised scientific publication," explains Michael Gielnik. At which of the three universities the students write the thesis depends on their chosen topic.

Anika Thurow and Lisa Boenke both chose Leuphana. "I like the spirit at Leuphana Lüneburg. We got a lot of support, but at the same time we were allowed to work independently," says Anika Thurow. The fellow students both conducted a diary study on emotions at work. "We had already worked with experiment and longitudinal study before and now wanted to get to know this method as well," the alumna report. In preparation for their scientific work, both considered the Critical Reading Seminar by Dr. Michael Freese, Professor of Psychology, in particular Innovation and Entrepreneurship, valuable: "We critically examined scientific publications, discussed methods and wrote research proposals," Lisa Boenke recalls.

Why do both of them recommend studying the International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology (M.Sc.)? "It has a high standard and you have to be motivated. But you meet passionate teachers, you build a Europe-wide network and with a degree from three universities, a lot of doors open career-wise."

Seal of Quality of the German Psychological Society

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  • Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik