Institute of Integrative Studies

The interdisciplinary Institute of Integrative Studies (INFIS) focuses its research and educational practice on the concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD 2030).

Currently, INFIS is responsible for teaching more than 400 social studies students in the bachelor's programme Teaching and Learning and the master's programme Primary School Teaching (as of WS 16/17). In cooperation with the Leuphana Teaching Service and all parties involved, we gradually redevelop the teaching of primary school social studies.

You can find information about the Leuphana teaching programme here.

INFIS is integrated into the Faculty of Sustainability and contributes its project-related and long-term cooperation with national and international academic partners to the university's research focus on sustainability. In addition to university-level research, INFIS acts as a partner in a joint learning and research process for school development and profile building in the regional educational landscape - together with various schools and diverse cooperation partners.