Self-compassion training for dealing with self-criticism

2023-01-06 The Institute for Sustainability Education and Psychology offers training in self-care. The aim of the training is to deal with oneself in a mindful and compassionate way in order to minimise stress and increase one's own well-being.

The training takes place online and consists of 7 units. We recommend that you do one training unit per week. One unit lasts approx. 60-90 minutes and can be done flexibly from home at an individual pace. During the training there is also the possibility of being accompanied by coaching. "Against the backdrop of multiple benefits of offering health training as a digital format," says project leader Lina Kalon, "we want to create an evidence-based support service for people in stressful life phases."

The project is organised by the Institute for Sustainability Education and Psychology. Participation is free of charge. Find out more and register here.

Questions and contact

  • Lina Kalon