Vortrag von Dan L. Burk (Irvine, CA) "Exhaustion of Copyrights in Digital Objects"

13. Nov

Dan L. Burk: Exhaustion of Copyrights in Digital Objects

Intellectual property systems create the possibility of conflicting overlapping ownership in books, DVDs, or other media objects: an owner of the intellectual property itself and a different owner of the physical object in which the intellectual property is embodied.  This problem is generally solved by the legal doctrine of exhaustion, or termination of the intellectual property owner’s rights at the time of an authorized sale of the associated physical object.  However, the application of this solution has become unclear for digital property that has no physical embodiment.  In this lecture, I discuss how this problem has been approached on each side of the Atlantic, using the differing approaches as a vehicle to understand resolution of disputes in the information age. Ort: CDC | MECS Office, 13.11.2019, 16Uhr.