Achipelago Lab - Undercommon Rhythms and Lines of Flight

22. Jun

Mit Sebastian Dieterich (Zürich) und Claire Rousell (Johannesburg)

22. Juni, 2016 - 17:00-19:00 im Archipelago Lab, C5.225

Undercommon Rhythms and Lines of Flight - Gastspiel von Sebastian Dieterich (Zürich) und Claire Rousell (Johannesburg) // in Englischer Sprache

In the context of our reading group at the Archipelago Lab we have two guest from Johannesburg and Zurich. Together with Claire Russel and Sebastian Dieterich we are going to discuss The Undercommons and a text by Stefano Harney “Hapticality in the Undercommons." Claire and Sebastian will also talk about the current situation in South Africa and the decolonisation students and worker movement that started with #RhodesMustFall last year and shaked the whole country. Their collaborative work asks the question of how to micropractice decolonization and reclaim (an)archives of knowledge that were suppressed through colonization. A Knowledge, that with Stefano Harney can be considered  as one capable to produce undercommon rhythms and lines of flight, when there is nowhere to run.

Reading Material:

Further information about the current social movements in South Africa can can be gained from this great documentary “The People vs. The Rainbow Nation":


Claire Rousell is an artist and researcher working across performance and anthropology. Her work is focused on the intersections of ritual, performance and social and environmental activism. She is a member of GRRR Artists Kollective and a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg. 

Sebastian Dieterich is working in the field of philosophy, micropolitics and artistic research. Since 2012 he works in the project «Micropractice. Forms of Engagement and Resistance» at the Institute for Critical Theory at the Zurich University of Fine Arts which is also part of the DFG research group Mediale Teilhabe.