ArchipelagoLab - Activist Sense Lecture Series / Érik Bordeleau (Montréal, Canada) Lecture & Diskussion: What is Econautics? Rethinking Value at the End of the Economy

18. Apr

- 20:15, blaenk (ehem. Mondbasis)



We are only seeing the beginning of an intensive and multi-faceted process of decentralization and redefinition of socio-financial relations towards greater multiplicity and autonomy. The invention of Bitcoin and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies urge us to rethink fundamental assumptions about the functional organization of the contemporary monetary architecture and its impact on the operative logic of power apparatuses.


One way of critically engaging with this nomadic re-engineering of finance is to envisaging it as an artistic medium. For finance is not primarily about monetary value: it is a mode of coordinating the future and its emerging possibilities through the collective design of attractors and the distribution of flows of desire. 


The Econautic Consultancy is a collective and emergent practice dedicated to thinking artistically and politically at the end of the economy. Econautics is about terraforming new economic spaces from the groundless ground of liquid debt that acts as the circulatory blood of a vampiric economy. Think of economic space as an n-dimensional vibratory organization, a living milieu or a programmable gamespace for the creation and circulation of new values. Econauts will navigate these reclaimed xenoscapes, as the designers and architects of new economic, social, and financial forms.


The Econautic Consultancy is born out of an encounter between Economic Space Agency (ECSA, and the SenseLab. An offshoot of Robin Hood Coop, ECSA is a young experimental start-up specializing in the development of new radical financial tools for networks and disjunctives collectives. The SenseLab is a laboratory for research-creation based in Montreal (Concordia University). It is currently working closely with ECSA in order to create its own experimental DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization), creatively exploring ways towards an autonomous, self-organizing alter-university, the Three Ecologies Institute. The collaboration between SenseLab and ECSA is an attempt to rethink and create value – a new economic space – out of the turbulent flows of metastable collectivities.