Science for all: students blog about STEM topics

2021-04-20 Where to put space debris? Where do butterflies feel at home? What are super corals? In the "Science Blog Lüneburg" students write journalistically and in a generally understandable way about natural sciences, technology, astronomy and other current STEM topics.

In the seminar "Science Blogging - Science Communication in Practice" in the complementary studies programme, students can combine their fascination for the natural sciences and their passion for writing. In short articles, they describe complex issues in an entertaining and understandable way. Lecturer Dr Annika Rodenhauser says: "Making scientific research results accessible not only to a specialist audience but also to a wider readership is becoming increasingly relevant - the Corona pandemic in particular has made this clear once again. But communicating highly complex, technical results and correlations in the natural sciences in a way that even neighbours or grandparents can easily understand is not so trivial. However, the great blog articles written by the students as part of the seminar show that this can be learned. The Science Blog Lüneburg offers them the ideal platform to then actually present the exciting articles to the public and face the discussion."

In the complementary specialisation "Practice-oriented approaches to the natural sciences", interested students can become part of the editorial team of the Science Blog Lüneburg. 


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