About us

The equal opportunities office supports members and affiliates of the university in fulfilling the equality mandate according to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act. An important working basis is the "Guideline of the Senate for the Realisation of the Equal Opportunities Mission in accordance with Section 3 (3) of the Higher Education Act (NHG) at the University of Lüneburg", which was adopted by the Senate in 2010 and revised in 2020.

The equal opportunities offices advises the university on gender-, diversity- and inclusion-oriented and discrimination-critical development, implementation and evaluation of measures, coordinates individual projects and processes and further develops university structures and cultures.

reports - insights to our work (German)

report (2014-2016)
report (2017-2020) and accessible version (2017-2020)


Accessibility is an important matter that we pursue in the spirit of inclusion. This objective should also be reflected on our websites and event offers by trying to make them as accessible as possible.

We are approachable for you! If you encounter barriers in our offer or on the following websites, please feel free to contact us!

Tasks at a glance


In the Equal Opportunities Office, the central focus is on

  •  a gender-, diversity- and inclusion-oriented and discrimination-critical further development of university structures and cultures as well as teaching and research,
  • dealing with experienced or observed discrimination and sexualised violence at Leuphana,
  •  advising and accompanying university members in difficult situations and conflicts.


We advocate for equality and diversity-oriented staff development and recruitment and for selection procedures that are free of discrimination.

Academic Careers:

With the mentoring programmes ProScience and ProViae and other offers, female academics* are supported on their way to professorships or to leadership positions.

Family friendliness:

The Family Service offers advice and coordinates family-friendly measures. Topics include promoting the compatibility of family and studies or career, childcare and care for relatives, as well as family-friendly study and working conditions.

Further Offers:

Other services include workshops, seminars, lectures and information materials for all university members on various forms of discrimination and their interplay, diversity orientation, empowerment, gender diversity, inclusion, accessibility and other gender and diversity-related topics.

Commissioners and Commissions

The Senate Commission for Equality is composed of representatives of all member groups in accordance with the Basic Regulations and the Senate Guidelines. Overview of the members of the Equal Opportunities Commission
The Council of Equal Opportunities Officers is the working commission of the decentralised equal opportunities officers in the faculties and central institutions.

members since 2020:

  • Equal Opportunities Officer (chairwoman): Dr. Kathrin van Riesen
  • faculty of education Prof. Dr. Angelika Henschel
  • faculty of culture:
    Prof. Dr. Christoph Brunner
    Felicitas Seibold (representation), Nate Weßalowski (representation)
    Stella Danker (student representation)
  • faculty of sustainability:
    Dr. Fabienne Gralla
    Dr. Agnes Friedel (representation), Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Loos (representation)
    Neele Bünning and Antonia Michel (student representation)
  • faculty of economy:
    Dr. Brit-Maren Block
    Prof. Dr. Ursula Weisenfeld (representation)