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The following overview provides information on offer from university services and from external support possibilities. Enjoy browsing.

  • Gymnastics for children
  • Child-friendly cafeteria
  • Mobile toy boxes
  • Arranging child care for conferences and seminars

Gymnastics for children

Every semester, the university sports department offers gymnastics sessions free of charge for children of university members

Age groups: 1 – 3 and 3 – 6 years
Location: Sports hall, Campus
Register at:

Child-friendly cafeteria

child-friendly cafeteria

There is a play corner for children in the cafeteria as well as a children's meal (Piepmapf-Teller).

With the "Piepmampf-Pass", children up to 10 years old can eat in the cafeteria für only 1 Euro, if
- the parents are university students or staff,
- the children are accompanied by Mom or Dad,
- one parent is also purchasing food and
- they have their "Piepmampf-Pass" with them.

Advice and further Information can be foundhere

Mobile toy boxes

Toy boxes can be borrowed from Family Services if a problem arises that forces you to bring your child to work for one day. They serve to occupy the children so that their parents can concentrate on learning or office work.

There are three toy boxes, each for the age groups 1-3 years, 3-6 years and 6-10 years.

The toy boxes are available from Family Services. If necessary, the toy boxes can also be brought to the workplace.

Arranging child care for conferences and seminars

Staff and students can turn to Family Services if they would like to make child care available for participants of their conference or seminar. We can organise child care when needen, allowing participants the chance to bring their children and still be free to concentrate on the event.

Register , Fon: 04131.677-1832,-1818

  • The Family Office for the Lüneburg Region
  • "Bündnis für Familie" - Alliance for Families

The Family Office for the Lüneburg Region

The Family Office can give you information about child care in Lüneburg and can helg you find out which ist the right office or drop-in center to contact regarding other specific family-related matters.

Familienbüro Region Lüneburg
Waagestraße 3
21335 Lüneburg
Telefon: 04131 – 309 3190 Frau Holste

"Bündnis für Familie" - Alliance for Families

The Leuphana University of Lüneburg is a member of the local Alliance for Families, in German "Bündnis für Familien Lüneburg". It aims at the practical improvement of child care to support mothers and fathers returning to work. The special challenge lies in balancing work and family in a rural region.

Ms Annette Mücke
Koordinierungsstelle Frau & Wirtschaft Lüneburg/Uelzen
Ilmenaustr. 12
21335 Lüneburg
Tel.: 04131/303968