Equality and diversity policies

Equal opportunities and gender equality are integral components in the mission statement of a humanistic, sustainable and action-oriented university. The aim is to develop an awareness of social diversity, inequity, gender-related differences and hierarchisations and to bring about sustainable structural and cultural changes. The Leuphana University of Lüneburg would like to create favourable conditions for gender, diversity and inclusion-oriented development and discrimination-critical reflection.In Leuphana's University Development Plan (2016-2025), the following core objective has been stated:

Leuphana University of Lüneburg is committed to the overall societal goal of creating good learning, working and research conditions in the sense of a family-friendly, gender- and diversity-responsive and appreciative university culture, and therfore dedicated to driving forward adequate measures. It consistently implements the concept of integrative gendering and diversity as a cross-cutting issue. Heterogeneity, anti-discrimination, gender equality and social justice are recognised and taken into account in the design of structural developments. In terms of the implementation of human rights, inclusion is to be realised as a guiding principle.

In addition to the central Equal Opportunities Officer, the four faculties also assign decentralised Equal Opportunities Officers on a part-time basis. Equality and diversity work is based on the university development plan, an equality concept, position papers on equality and diversity in the faculties and a diversity concept (in progress).

The Equality Office accompanies the equality, diversity and anti-discrimination work, advises the university on the development, implementation and evaluation of measures and coordinates individual projects and processes.

On the following pages you can find out more about concepts and regulations, facts and figures, services and offers, programmes for young female* academics, the services offered by the Family Service and funding opportunities.