Programme to Promote the Internationalization of female early career researchers

International networks and publication activities as well as research and teaching stays abroad are becoming increasingly important in scientific careers.

The objective of this measure is to consider the increased relevance of international research and publication activities for the scientific careers of women who aim to land a professorship.

This will also meet the needs of Leuphana's internationalization strategy, which seeks to increase international visibility in research and teaching contexts and strengthen the targeted integration of international scientists.

The 'Programme to Promote the Internationalization of female early career researchers', provides opportunities to excellent female early career researchers (postdocs, junior professors, teaching professors as well as advanced doctoral candidates (after the opening of their doctoral process)  to establish or expand these necessary international contacts and networks for research and teaching activities by means of a scholarship or a travel allowance.

Women (1) in their qualification phase from all faculties and institutions of Leuphana University of Lüneburg are to be supported and promoted in their scientific careers in a target group-specific and needs-oriented manner. In cooperation with the programmes for the promotion of female early career researchers of the Equal OpportunitiesOffice, further support measures such as coaching and workshops are available to accompany the scholarships.

The following measures are eligible [max. 6 months in total]:


1 to 6-month residence for research and networking purposes  at a partner university or a university that is particularly renowned in the respective research field


Building on 1.1: in the case of a first stay of 4 to 8 weeks, a second longer stay abroad at a partner university or at a university particularly renowned in the respective research field for research and networking purposes.


Establishment of an international tandem: the residence abroad is combined with a visit of an international guest for research and/or teaching purposes.


Tasks of Leuphana University are conducted at a partner university abroad (secondment) for research and/or teaching purposes.

For a detailed description of the programme, please see the new guideline below.

Applications can be submitted ahead of the start of a (real or also virtual) stay abroad on 01.03., 01.06., 01.09. and 01.12. of a year.

Please feel free to make use of a consultation on the new funding programme in advance. You will find the contact details at the end of this page.

(1) Note: The federal funding programme uses the term "women" within a binary understanding. In our approach, we interpret it more broadly and beyond binary gender categories. Persons who see themselves as female and/or locate themselves beyond binary categories are therefore also invited to seek individual counselling.

Please use the forms and preprints listed below to apply. 

Please note: Only the German version of this guideline is legally binding. The English version is provided solely for information purposes.


Important note: Applications are possible until 1st September 2024.

Contact and Counsel

  • Dr. Beate Friedrich