Gender Diversity Certificate for Bachelor Students

Are you interested in topics related to opportunity and gender justice and social inequality? Would you like to learn more about diverse lifestyles? One way to do so is the Gender Diversity Certificate. The Gender Diversity Certificate is a complementary course of study and is completed in two basic and two advanced courses. The workload comprises 20 CP (four courses of 5 CP each). The regulations for the complementary study program apply.


The certificate enables you

  • to focus on a specific subject within the complementary study program without rendering additional credit points (the current exception is teacher training)
  • to question the underlying norm concepts and stereotypical attributions
  • to consider opportunity and gender justice as contemporary issues in social and professional contexts
  • to critically reflect one's own and others' positioning
  • to perceive more consciously social difference categories as constructions
  • develop your own gender diversity competence as a key qualification necessary for personality and employability


The basic seminar "Theories, Concepts and Fields of Application of Women's and Gender Studies" (5 CP) is always held in the summer semester in the perspective "Practice-oriented Approaches to Social Sciences".

The basic seminar "Theories, Concepts and Fields of Application of Intersectionality and Diversity Research" (5 CP) in the perspective "Mediality-Oriented Approaches to the Social Sciences" always takes place in the winter semester.

Please note that the rules for the complementary studies also apply to the Gender Diversity Certificate. This means that you may only take each module once. The corresponding modules for the basic courses, should be kept free so that these courses can be taken.


Two additional seminars (2 x 5 CP) of the complementary study program, the so-called extension courses, vary each semester and thus the modular allocation. You can choose a seminar that is suitable for you in terms of topic and time from an average of 10 seminars. An overview of all courses that are currently offered within the framework of the Gender Diversity Certificate and an archive of courses from previous semesters can be found here.


Please note!

Due to a technical problem, registration is currently not possible via the form. Instead, please register by e-mail at

Your e-mail should contain the following information:

last name, first name
matriculation number
course of study
Courses already completed that could potentially be counted towards the Gender Diversity Certificate

If you have already registered for the Gender Diversity Certificate using the form and have not yet received confirmation, please also register by e-mail including the above information.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Documenting the courses completed within the programme and receiving the certificate

Once you have completed all the courses, send an overview of the courses you have attended as part of the certificate, including the semester and examination number, as well as your Transcript of Records to this mail address ( You will receive a confirmation, which you will present to Student Services. There, the Gender Diversity Certificate will be issued by the person responsible for your major.


Lecturers who would like to open their course as an extension to the certificate can find the questionnaire aswell as further information here.


Since the certificate is obtained in the complementary studies and in teacher training only a maximum of 5 CP is provided within the complementary studies, the acquisition of the certificate is unfortunately not yet possible in an integrative way.


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