Caring for dependent people / sick relatives

To care for dependent people or sick relatives or to organise care for them is a difficult and often burdensome task. Reconciling this life situation with employment, degree or doctoral studies is a big challenge.
The great variety of persons who need responsible home care, which must be brought into sync with study or employment activities, includes not only older people, but also seriously ill or handicapped children, as well as sick, care-dependent partners.

In addition to a personal consultation, Family Services offers a wide range of information materials and continuative links.

You can find the work agreement on the compatibility of work and care responsibilities [in German] here.

  • Short-term work prevention
  • Medium-term care for up to six months - care leave
  • Long-term care - family care leave
  • Support in the last phase of life
  • care advice service
  • Senior citizen service office and care support point
  • DRK Lüneburg nursing advice
  • websites on the subject of care for employees [German]
  • Studium und Pflegeverantwortung

Short-term work prevention

If close relatives (this term also includes brothers-in-law and partnerships) suddenly need care, you can take a one-time unpaid leave of absence of up to ten days to organize the care or to provide it yourself. For the duration of this short-term leave of absence, you can apply for a care support allowance.

Medium-term care for up to six months - care leave

Within the framework of caregiver leave, employees are entitled to full or partial leave of up to six months to care for close relatives in a home environment. This legal entitlement also exists for the care of minor close relatives in need of care at home or in an out-of-home environment.
During this time, an interest-free loan can be applied for from the Federal Family Office.

Long-term care - family care leave

If your relatives are in need of care for a longer period of time, family care leave gives you the opportunity to reduce your workload to 15 hours per week for up to two years. The entitlement can also be claimed for caring for minor close relatives in need of care at home or in an out-of-home setting. As with caregiver leave, you are entitled to an interest-free loan to cover your living expenses.

Support in the last phase of life

If you are caring for a close relative in the final phase of life, you can take up to three months' leave of absence from work. This applies regardless of whether your loved one is being cared for at home, in a hospital or in a hospice. You can also take advantage of an interest-free loan for this period.

There is protection against dismissal for the periods of short-term absence from work, as well as for caregiver leave (6 months) or family caregiver leave (24 months).
Your insurance coverage also remains intact, even if you do not pay any contributions during the care period. You can have health and long-term care insurance through family insurance. If this is not possible, the long-term care insurance funds will pay a contribution subsidy for voluntary health and long-term care insurance.

care advice service

The care advice service of the Lüneburg district is a free service for people in need of care and their relatives. It aims to help make life easier in the familiar surroundings and maintain the independence of people in need of care, thus avoiding a move to a nursing home.

District of Lüneburg
Department 52 Seniors and Disabled Persons
Mr. Moritz Messelken
Building 2, entrance H, room 118
On the Michaeliskloster 4
21335 Lüneburg

You can reach the care advice service Monday to Friday from 07.00 to 12.00 and by appointment on 04131.26-1667.
The nursing counseling advises and supports you in all questions that may arise in connection with home care:

  • in the coordination of the various offers of help
  • in the arrangement and cost clarification of outpatient services such as:
  •     Community service
  •     nursing services
  •     meals on wheels
  •     technical aids/ home emergency call
  •     questions concerning the adaptation of living space
  •     Help with contacts to authorities and applications
  •     Help for caring relatives

If adequate care can only be achieved by moving into a nursing home, the nursing care advice service also provides support in finding a place in a home.

Senior citizen service office and care support point

Senior citizens can turn to the Senior Service Office with all their questions about managing life and daily routine.

Hansestadt Lüneburg- Seniorenservicebüro Soziale Dienste - Seniorenservicebüro und Pflegestützpunkt
Telephone: 04131.309-3213, -3717 or - 3370

The senior service office supports and advises e.g.

  •     applying for and enforcing social benefits
  •     filling out applications and forms
  •     in the search for housing suitable for the elderly
  •     before admission to an inpatient retirement and nursing home
  •     in questions of housing counseling, i.e. on the design of apartments or homes suitable for seniors and people with disabilities
  •     by arranging voluntary assistance
  •     by providing legal advice for seniors
  •     by providing advice on pensions
  •     advising seniors who wish to become involved in the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD).
  •     Promotion of projects of the generation dialogue

Anyone can become in need of care, e.g. due to an accident, a serious illness or simply by getting older.

The care support point advises and supports e.g.

  •     with questions about nursing care insurance, for example, when applying for a nursing care level
  •     on questions regarding the financing of home care and domestic help
  •     with the mediation of these outpatient aids
  •     in the selection, procurement and financing of health insurance aids
  •     in the determination of the personal need for help
  •     with the mediation to self-help groups

DRK Lüneburg nursing advice

If relatives, friends or neighbors cannot take over the care, ask the district association of your German Red Cross.
During home visits, the assistance for care, housekeeping and supplementary assistance tailored to your needs is discussed and then later carried out by qualified staff at your home. It does not matter whether you are entitled to care insurance benefits.
Many care services of the German Red Cross have the recognition as an approved outpatient care service within the framework of the continuance protection by the nursing care insurance companies. In addition to outpatient care, supplementary services are often offered, such as the menu ring service or domestic help.

Simona Schulze
Schnellenberger Weg 42
21339 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.673 613

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